About Us

About Us

Musanada Management Services is one of the fastest growing Debt Collections and Recovery agency in the UAE. With industry specialists on-board, we strive to offer the highest recovery ratio in the industry.

Every assignment we undertake undergoes a comprehensive screening process using our proprietary data mining tools wherein we are able to identify the probability of conversion well in advance. By focusing our efforts on the higher probability defaulters, we deliver maximum returns in the least amount of time. We understand that to be successful, we have to maintain a fine balance between aggression and customer service. With a strong code of conduct, trained professionals and dependence on Information Technology; we are able to recover debt from the worst and oldest of data pools.


We maintain complete privacy of our Clients, their accounts and consumer information. Under no circumstances do we purchase or sell sensitive information to a third party.

Code of Conduct

- Conduct business lawfully, comply with all relevant legislation, regulation and judicial decisions

- Provide adequate training to staff, bringing to their attention the principles of this Code and requiring them to carry out their duties in accordance with it

- Ensure continuous and appropriate training of staff in respect of current legislation and best practice

- In all contacts by staff or agents, ensure our identity and role is clearly disclosed

- Comply with all reasonable requests by debtors and clients

- Keep in strict confidence any information supplied by debtors and clients

- Put in place adequate processes to deal with debtors or client complaints; this must contain the following minimum procedure:

- deal with complaints speedily, responsively, in a user-friendly fashion and at an appropriate management level.

-Complaints procedures must be made available to the complainant or his/her advisor on request.